Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Orange Crush

I have joined in on the Bonnie Hunter Orange Crush Mystery that started on April 1st. Several members of my guild are joining in also, so I'm looking forward to having some local support, if needed. The last mystery that I made with Bonnie, the Carolina Crossroad, turned out fabulous and will be hanging in our Guild Quilt Show this Saturday.

I have started sewing together my dark and light strips to make 4-patches and I used scrappy whites and creams for the lights and burgandy, brown and rust for the darks.

I still haven't decided on my main colors, but his is what I'm thinking- one of these choices. I know that I'm using this orange and either yellows or lime greens for the accent, but the other two I'm undecided on.

I just added this one based on a comment from Leora.


lilsis said...

Hey Ruthie...

What about the orange and yellows with the pink and turquoise? Kinda like rainbow sherbert. :)


Kathy Wagner said...

I like the top combination, since I love your lime greens and I think you will need the purple for the "dark".

lilsis said...

I really like the combo I suggested, but it isn't very dramatic... kinda all mediums. I'm not sure what I would do, it's hard to make a decision when it's a mystery.