Friday, April 4, 2008

Quilt Labels

Last night I finished up some quilt labels. These quilts need to have their labels because they will hanging in the Old Tippecanoe Quilt Guild show on Saturday. This is my first year participating in the quilt show as I just joined the guild in January of this year. I'm looking forward to helping setup this evening and I will be volunteering as a "White Glove" tomorrow afternoon.

The first label is for my Carolina Crossroads Mystery Quilt and I digitized and stitched out on my Bernina Deco 330 Embroidery Machine. I drew some squares and triangles to somewhat represent the blocks on the front of the quilt, added the text and stitched it out. I probably should have added another layer of stabilizer before I started, but I didn't and it puckered a bit. Anyway, it's done and sewn on.

This one, I just used a fabric marker on a label cut from a label panel.

I will take photos of the fronts of the quilts at the show and post them tomorrow.

I also worked on my Orange Crush 4-patches last night. They are all sewn together, but need to be pressed.
Have a great Friday!!


Laura said...

Your labels are gorgeous! Here it is Friday and I just finished sewing the sleeve down on one of my quilts over lunch. I still need to add a label to another. it is going to be very basic as I have a nice label for it but don't have the time to sew it on. I will just baste this one on for tomorrow.

Rhonda said...

Wonderful labels! Can't wait to see your 4-patches. I gotta get going on mine... still cutting strips.

Purple Pam said...

Your labels are great. I really like the one for the Carolina Crossroads quilt. I have colors picked out, but have not started cutting yet. I am binding, binding, binding, and getting ready for our quilt show next month. You are such a busy lady!