Friday, October 3, 2008

Anniversary Roses & Section 37

Here are the lovely roses that were on the table when I arrived home last night. I just love getting flowers and he know that and most of the time there are fresh flowers on our kitchen table. The table right now is stacked with stuff that I offered on freecycle and is to be picked up today at noon.

Last night Dan strung the cord through the casing on the Drum Riser Skirt I made for the band. Dan does the sound for a band, Section 37 and when they perform out, they use a little stage-like platform for the drums. It currently has a gray skirt that I made, but since this band is named for the area they sit in at the Indianapolis 500, they wanted a checkerboard skirt. It's 40 feet long, so it was quite a change from sewing together 2 inch squares.

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