Friday, October 3, 2008

The Potty Chart

My job at the National Group as a graphic designer is mostly working on commercial printing jobs, like letterhead, business cards, programs, forms, invites, and flyers. I love it when something fun comes across my desk. A co-worker has a little boy that is just learning to use the potty. She found this downloadable potty chart online and asked me to make something a little more fun for Bobby.

This is what I came up with. Cute, don't you think? She went to the Dollar Tree after work yesterday to buy some fun stickers for him to place on the boxes after each successful potty event.


Mel said...

This would have worked great for my 3 year old son! We did it the hard way, you know, where you try to make it exciting and he thinks your crazy!!

Thanks for placing a button for my Cottage Warming Party!

Lori said...

How fun! The changes made it much more interesting.

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you about Maddie's potty training experience.(Carole A's. grandaughter)When Eileen was potty training her she told her if you poo in the potty all of the time we'll have a poo party.(nothing seemed to work.)
Soooo... they went to the grocery store to buy goodies that she liked for the party.(Just the two of them)While they were in gthe check out line Maddie told the cashier "We're having a Poo Party! Needless say to the lady was totally puzzeled by what she meant by Poo Party, until Eileen explained. Thank goodness it worked and happily became diaper free. Hopefully, Samuel will be easy to train.

bingo~bonnie said...

we used somethign similar like this with our Oldest... only our rows were not defined by the day of the week...

we just started at the top left and went across one row at a time. 1 sticker & Hershey kiss for pee. 2 of each for going #2... leaving no blank spaces....and at the end of each row she got something bigger like a snack pack of M&Ms or scoop of ice cream or play with play dough... her choice.

at the end of filling up an entire chart - we took it with us shopping and she got to go to Hallmark and pick out a Christmas ornament (they have them out months ahead) and she felt like she had really paid for them as seh put her sticker chart up on the counter :) each time. It was fun... and gave her something to look forward to - while at the store she'd spot another ornament she wanted to work towards...

and after another filled up sheet of stickers (about 70 on a page) we'd take off to Hallmark again.

We displayed the latest ornament on the kitchen window seal over the sink until we got a new one... and I'd store the rest... - that year at Christmas her small tree in her room was full of ornaments she had "worked to earn herself" and she was so proud! :)

good luck to your friend! we are working on something similar this year with her - she's 4 now - and I bougt a laminated poster of simple boxes numbered 1 - 100... and use a red dry erase pen to mark each time she "makes my heart happy" and the boxes have enough room to write what it was she did - like buckeled her own seat belt, or used good manners, or read 4 books to mom, or no time out today... what ever i catch her doing... and when so I'm sure to tell her "Oh Nora that makes my heart SO HAPPY!!! when you do ___" and then we note it on the 100 poster baord.

My goal is to encourage her to follow instructions the FIRST time I ask her to ... still working on that one ;)

but b/c the 1-100 chart is so big we also use it to look at the rows and count byu 5's or 10's.. or skip count odds or evens... I'm glad I thought to use the dry erase instead of stickers so that we don't cover up the numbers that way... and it serves as a double learning adventrue ;) with reminders of all they ways she has made our hearts happy :)

sorry so long, i just watned to share. ;) Love from Texas! ~bonnie