Monday, October 6, 2008

Gammill Wheel Problem

Boy, it seems like I have a lot to talk about today.........

Yesterday, I was quilting along on the Christmas Porch quilt, using the Jingle Bell dance pantograph and notice that when I reached a certain spot, the machine hesitated, as though it was stuck there. I checked the rails and the wheels, re-dusted them and continued on. It continued, so when I finished a row, I got the machine to that spot and upon further investigation, I found this:

It appears to be a little dimple/hole in the wheel. I figured out that if I go really fast, I was OK in those spots, but I have a call in to Accomplish Quilting and hope to get some help today.

Christmas Porch
Here's a peek at the quilt I was trying to finish before dark.........didn't happen. The quilting is finished, but was too dark to take it outside for pictures last night.

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Holly said...

Now you have an excuse to get the Edgerider wheels :) I've heard good things but I'm not about to replace my perfectly fine wheels yet.