Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After Christmas

Whew, what a day! It was one of the best Christmas Days I can remember. Dan and I enjoyed a yummy breakfast of cinnamon spice pancakes, ham and eggs. The pancake mix was courtesy of Mel, who sent me the most wonderful gift bag of items as a thank you for sending her some of Dan's pickled jalapenos.

The we opened our gifts and the most amazing thing happened.
Dan bought me this new thermal coffee maker:

And I bought him this new thermal coffee maker:

After much laughter, we decided to keep the Cuisanart one and we made some more coffee. Several hours later, the coffee was still steaming hot. I think we will be happy with this one.

I worked on some Christmas slippers for the adult females that would be joining us in the afternoon. Here are some photos of them opening their slippers. Hopefully, Kale's girlfriend Lynn doesn't think I'm a nut case!! I think Julie had it figured out before she opened her package.

I also finished hand sewing the binding on this courthouse stars queen size quilt for Julie and Jim. I finished it at 3:45 and they arrived at 4:00. I had put it into the washer just before they arrived and switched it to the dryer during dinner, so it was ready for them when it was time to open gifts. I will have them take a photo of the quilt and post it later.


Mel said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the pancakes!! Lehi Rollermills has a great menu of yummies!
I'm glad you had a nice day and I LOVE the slippers!!;)
I need to remember to make some for my sis-in-laws next year!

Mary said...

You made a great choice on the coffee maker. I've had an earlier model of the Cuisinart one for about 6 years and it is still making great coffee and keeping it hot.

Enjoy the blog!