Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Year's Challenge FINISHED!

I realized today that I have finished all eight of my UFO projects for Finn's New Year's Challenge.

1. Welcome Wall Hanging
2. Pink and green Baby Quilt - OTQG Camp Mystery Quilt
3. Quilt Smart Apple Core Quilt
4. Sock Monkey Quilt for NICU
5. Mini-Charmer Bags(2)
6. Orange JudyL's Labor Day Challenge Quilt
7. Jeff and Dané's Wedding Quilt
8. Christmas Star Table Runner (

Now, let's see if I can get a couple Christmas presents finished!


Paula said...

1. Cute!!
2. Adorable!!!
3. Sweet...
4. Awww!!! Gotta love the monkeys.
5. Love pretty!!
6. Awesome Oranges.
7. LOVE IT!!
8. BIG table runner, lovely fabrics!

CONGRATS!!!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

Roslyn said...

Congrats on the UFO finishes. I am hoping to finish one a month in 2009 to clear them all out.

Kristin C. said...

I did the QC table runner too this year. Yours turned out great! It turned out MUCH bigger than I expected, but I think it has a great look. It's my mother's Christmas gift. Congrats on finishing your list of things to do!

Mel said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! What a great feeling!