Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Daughter, The Quilter, Part 2!

The last post was all about the quilts she finished and this post will be about her. Love you Julie! I think she looks just cute as can be. I know she is getting uncomfortable, but there's just 3 more weeks to go, until Andrew, Matt and Tony have a little brother or sister. We discovered last night that it is pretty hard for her to quilt from the front of the machine. It's a good thing she wanted to do pantographs.

I have been watching the blog of another mom expecting about the same time as Julie and wanted to take a picture of Julie to see how they compare. Pretty much the same... don't you think?


Delighted Hands said...

Do you have a quilt done for the baby yet?! Beautiful in every way.

Granny said...

Julie looks so much like you! I'll be those three brothers are pretty excited about a new baby! That's so neat that Julie's a quilter too.