Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Holiday Party

I worked with 3 others, Mary, Barb and Denise, in planning the holiday party for our guild last night and it was so much fun. We started the evening off with an unwrapping game. Each table had a wrapped box, a scarf, and a pair of oven mitts. One person was chosen to start the unwrapping and had to put on the scarf and the oven mitts and unwrap their gift box. They then passed it to the next person who put on the scarf and the oven mitts and unwrapped a smaller box.

The first table to unwrap all 8 boxes was the winner, and here is the winning table.

We settled things down for a quiet game, a word search provided by Mary that proved to be lots of fun. The winning table for this game got to be first up at the treat table.

Then we divided up into 4 groups, based upon the square of fabric pinned onto us as we entered the room. Barb read the Mr. & Mrs. Wright story and we passed our wrapped FQs around with lots of laughter.

Lots of yummy food, and show and tell finished off the evening.

Vicki and Mona with big smiles waiting in line!

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