Friday, June 27, 2008

Come Sit In My Garden

This is the top I pieced last night.....not bad for only having a vision in my head. Of course, I thought of several other ways that I could have laid it out after it was all finished. I cut strips of the cream, blue, and green fabrics and used them by themselves and then cut strips of cream and pink to make the checkerboard strips. I cut apart the border print, of which they only had 7/8 yard left and included 3 strips of that. Then I cut out the panel squares (ARGHHH) for cornerstones and cut the cream with pink squares for the borders. I'll try to quilt it tonight and get it bound and out the door by Monday morning.

Pesky Panels

There are some very pretty panels out there and I purchased quite a few when I got my Gammill just to practice on. I get so irritated every time I go to use one because they are ALWAYS printed off-grain. And not only off-grain, but not square either.

I wonder if you can tell me how you use them....
Do you cut off the border of the panel (which is what I did with these)?
Do you try to tug them into shape (which I have been known to try)?
Do you just cut and sew, not paying attention to the borders?
Do you just not buy them?

If you look at the panel below you can see that the left edge is even and straight with the selvedge, but the panel is 3/8 inch off on the top and bottom edges. So it seemed to me that I couldn't use the little borders on the panel. Very frustrating to me!!

Charm Packs
If I were to be in the market for some charm packs I just might wonder over to Hancock's of Paducah where they are having a big sale on their charm packs (Like I need to buy anymore fabric!) Many for only $3.98

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Infinity Quilter said...

Gee, thanks. Now I can't read your blog're a bad influence. I just visited Hancocks of Paducah. :0( I was doing sooo good on not buying too! Have a good weekend!