Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dinner and A Quilt!

Last night I was treated to a birthday dinner with Janet and Denise at Camille's Sidewalk Cafe. What a lovely new place to eat! I had a Camille's Club sandwich on wheat bread and it was yummy! I was too full for desert, but they sure looked good.

Then it was back home to load Jan's quilt. It turned out very nice and I hope she likes it. The panto is FeelingGroovy, the thread is PermaCore camel and the batting is Warm & Natural.

And a close-up:


Purple and Paisley said...

your different pantos are gorgeous...what long arm do you have?

Linda C. said...

I presume you went to the East side, because our group was at the West side Camille's for dinner! Happy Birthday, anyway!

Ruthie said...

I have a Gammill Premier Plus machine that will be having it's anniversary here next month. Wow, I might just have a blog-giveaway.

Linda - I didn't even know there was one on the West side! I'll have to check that one out also.

Candace said...

Your lunch sounds wonderful, now I'm hungry (wait a minute, I'm almost always hungry, so I guess I can't blame that on Camille's Sidewalk Cafe).
Your quilts and quilting are so pretty. LA'ers can sure take an ok quilt and make it into a wow. I'm speaking of my quilts, not the ones on your blog when I say ok quilt.
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment, my new ironing board should be a vast improvement over my mini one.

Rhonda said...

I'm so enjoying seeing your quiltings. All of the pantos that you used are wonderful.
I need to get more practice on my LA.

janetsue2 said...

Camille's is nice. The Lafayette area has a lot of really nice places to eat. We had a nice time celebrating Ruthie's birthday.

There was a young couple there while we were visiting and having dinner that were celebrating the freedom of summer!

You see my philosophy on birthdays is you have a whole year to celebrate because when you have a bunch of friends and family that want to do something nice for you they have plenty of time. And then.... it's your birthday again and you get to start the celebrations all over again.

That's just a FYI from me.

janetsue2 said...

Feelin Groovey kind of describes Jan so that was a perfect pattern for her quilt.