Monday, June 2, 2008

T-shirt Quilt

Shhh, it's a surprise............This weekend I assembled and quilted this for my grandson, Tony, who graduated from high school in May. Some of these shirts are from when he played T-ball in elementary school. The 12-inch blocks are sashed with black on the front and all the different size shirt blocks are arranged on the back without sashing. Can't wait to give this to him at his party on Saturday.

I learned a really neat tip from Kathy N., who's t-shirt quilts I quilted several months ago. The printed images on the sleeves, which are too small to make into a block are applied with a fusible spray to an open area of the shirt and then zig-zagged with matching thread to hold them on securely. The Armes Cleaning on the teal shirt on the front and the Defouw Chevrolet was done like that on the back.

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Julie said...

I just love it! He is going to be so surprised!