Saturday, June 28, 2008

Quiltathon - Day 1 Afternoon

Well, I guess I'm on track, but I must admit that I feel like taking a nap. I got up bright and early and loaded the colorful block swap leftover blocks quilt. Got a little sidetracked looking for a piece of batting and ended up measuring and putting a label on most of the batting pieces. What do you do with leftover batting pieces? I thought about offering them on Freecycle(easy)or cutting them up to consistent sizes and selling, say 72 of them in a package on Ebay (a bit of work, but a little money for my time).

An allover meander and only 14 minutes of stitching time and that one was quilted.
I used a nursery print for the back and I'll probably donate this one to Project Linus.

Then, I loaded the bowtie table topper and had to wait a while for it to speak to me. I had no idea how to quilt it. While I waited Debbie stopped by to get some scrap batting to make a seatbelt cushion/cover, for those nasty seatbelts that seem to dig into our necks. While we were talking about how to make one, I suggested just a piece of prequilted fabric with some bias tape on the edges and some velcro. She left for Joanns and I didn't get to unload even a 12" square of batting.

At noon it was Butterburger time and then off to a cute little girl's birthday party. I didn't stay long, but what a party they were having. There was a big water slide/playhouse thing, slip and slides, games, lots of food, family and friends to celebrate Elly's 1st Birthday.

Back to the Quiltathon....I stippled in the background and did a little ribbon thing in the 1/2" sashing. I think I might hang this on the wall rather then put it on a table. I rather like the way it turned out.


gracie said...

Came out great, Ruthie! Your stippling is so even and pretty.

I save batting pieces......for stuffing...for shipping e-bay sales...and the bigger ones, for piecing small quilt battings.


Vicky said...

Those came out great, Ruthie! You're on a roll this weekend!

Purple and Paisley said...

wow - i love both of these! especially the first one - great colors! =)