Thursday, June 19, 2008


I'm having a great time at our retreat. I planned to take lots of photos and post them, but haven't had done that yet! The food is WONDERFUL and the company is WONDERFUL and I haven't had to rip-it much at all.
I'll be back on Sunday!


Candace said...

I've been gone, and enjoyed catching up on your blog. Your quilting is lovely, and I don't blame you for wanting the pink quilt. Hope you are having a great time at the retreat, sounds like you are.

Angela said...

Hey, Ruthie!
I've got a request. I use Google Reader for all my blog feeds (RSS). Normally, I just click on the little orange RSS button so I can subscribe to a feed easily and I don't do bloglines. Any chance you could sign up free with to get a chicklet put on your site so those of us who use blogline alternatives can keep up with you?

Big request, I know- but I can't remember to click to your blog "live" as often as I'd like.

Thanks for thinking about it!

Angela said...

I just figured out that I can directly enter your URL into Google Reader and subscribe that way! I've got the workaround I've needed. thanks anyway!