Monday, June 9, 2008


What a wonderful weekend!

My favorite aunt and uncle, Ellen & Ed from Green bay, WI, were in town this weekend for Tony's graduation party.

We had a wonderful time with them......from Friday evening sneaking out the wrong door at a restaurant (yes, we did pay before we left) to cruising the streets of Lafayette in their convertible and ending up at the Frozen Custard on Saturday night. I haven't been there on a Saturday night for YEARS!

Saturday morning Ed and Dan did a little pond fishing...

...while Ellen and I played on the longarm.

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Ellen said...

Hi Ruth,
We feel the same, you are our favorite niece and you have a wonderful family. Being with all of you this past weekend was the best. I sure wish we lived closer, you have so much to offer and I learn so much from you.
We love you all.
Love Ellen