Sunday, June 29, 2008

Quiltathon - Day 2 Morning

I seem to have gotten stuck making pillowcases.
I replied to a Freecycle ad last week from someone wanting frog fabric and she is coming to pick it up later. I thought it would be good to have it out and ready for her so when my granddaughters walked over Friday evening from a friends house I had them look through my novelty drawer for frog fabric. Of course, they found lots that they liked also. Jessi found "Josie" fabric and wanted it for her friend Josie. I suggested making her a pillowcase with it and then Sarah found Pooh fabric and said that her mom would love to have a Pooh pillowcase. Courtney decided on chocolate fabric and watermelon fabric.

This morning I cut their fabric so when they come over all they have to do is sew. I got to thinking that they were making them for others and they should have ones of their own. So, I pulled out some Bratz flannel and sewed one for each of them. I think they will be excited.

I added the binding to the Colorful block baby quilt this morning also.

It's time to get busy with those half-square traingles for the pumpkins now.

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Candace said...

I find pillowcases fun and addictive to make. I gave away my last 4 this week, maybe it is time to make some more. I wonder if my granddaughter would be interested?