Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Fell Off! the fabric diet, that is.

Last night was block of the month at Rossville Quilts and I didn't go there intending to purchase anything except my cheddar fabric for the fabric swap.

While there I saw the Come sit In My Garden line that was really sweet and not really my style, but I thought it would be great for a very special quilt that I have agreed to make. My total purchase was 1 yd of cheddar, 4.5 yards of the garden line.

On the bright side, I expect to use all of it for this quilt, so if I do that, I will have used another 4.5 yards this week towaards my goal of using 10+ yards this week.


Fiesta said...

that fabric line is pretty. I see why you purchased it. please post the pic when you complete it. I love gardening stuff.

JudyL said...

Maybe it was the moon or something since so many of us seem to have added to our stash this week. We'll do better next week, and the week thereafter and . . well, you get the picture, right?