Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Burger Queen - Have It Your way!

That's the name of the Stashbuster's Yahoo Group new mystery quilt. I printed off the fabric requirements and the first clue last week but hadn't made any attempt to pull fabrics. Last night while blog-surfing, I came across Candace's oh-so cute blocks for Clue #1. They are so pretty. I decided to use up some more of my greens for this one and I have a BUNCH of the background fabric to use up.

Here's my Clue #1 Blocks - 5 each of 12" and 9"
We get to choose what block we want to make (hence, the Have It Your Way), but have to remember that they will be 3"-12". I chose a nine patch, as did several others.


Carol said...

Cute blocks! I am anxious to see how your mystery will turn out. :D

Daybreak*Dawning said...

I love these greens! KalamaQuilts

Candace said...

I love your colors. I didn't know they were yours, and was looking through the pictures on StashMystery, and yours was the first that I enlarged, and lo and behold. They are gorgeous, I can't wait to see your quilt.

JudyL said...

Dibbies! I love those greens. You had to think of me when you were sewing those! You did think of me . . didn't you? :)