Saturday, July 19, 2008

Burger Queen and My Latest Quilting

Here are my step 3 blocks for the Stashbusters Burger Queen Mystery.........nothing new, huh? They look just like Step 2 except they are 6 inch instead of nine and twelve inch.

On to the quilting:

Carole's Romantic Strips is what I'm calling this one. I used the Tea Rose Panto, Mother Goose PermaCore thread and Hobbls 80/20 batting. The shots of the back do not do it justice, as it is a very pretty quilt, front and back.

Marty's Tessellation Roosters looks pretty striking when you see the whole thing. This one is Jacobean panto, Camel PermaCore thread and Soft and Crafty poly batting.

Now I'm going back to work on my new One Block Wonder quilt.

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JudyL said...

Beautiful quilting, as always. Every time I see something you've quilted, I just giggle! We're having too much fun!