Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My First Circle Lord Quilt

I quilted this baby quilt tonight using the Swirls template. It was really quite easy to line it up for the next pass. There are a few places where the backtrack isn't in line, but with the white thread it isn't too bad. The batting is Quilters Dream Poly and the thread is PermaCore white.

I didn't write down the time on the machine when I started, but with all the practice last night and this quilt, my total stitching time is just a little over an hour. I have a book that I write down the ending run time from the machine each time I finish a quilt. I'm not really sure why, but I have done it for a year now.

More photos in my webshots album here.
Gotta go cut some binding for this one.

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Carole said...

Lovely quilt! The machine quilting turned out nice. I watched the dvd that came with Karen Mctavish's book and she back tracks a lot. She's not bothered at all by it. She uses fine thread that matches the quilt, so it's hard to see. Great book if you're looking for some free hand filler ideas. Thanks for sharing!