Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day America!

It has been a great morning here....First of all, I slept until 8:00 and then Dan went off in search of blackberries with his friend Tom, who apparently knows the best places to get them. He left hours ago and said he'd be back with some that I could put on my cereal. Good thing I didn't wait on him, as it's almost time for lunch now and I haven't seen him yet!

I cut out and stitched the pieces for 2 sock monkeys that Dottie will be assembling.

I made and stitched on the binding of this little baby quilt that I quilted last night. My next door neighbor has a granddaughter that is expecting a little girl in August, so this one will be finished just in time. The blocks in this quilt were my samples for a paper piecing workshop that I taught. Each one was finished to a different step for the class and it was a breeze to finish them all and add a strip pieced border.

I stitched on the binding of this happy squares quilt that doesn't yet have a home. I just liked the pattern and heaven knows I have plenty of bright scraps to make several of these.

I boiled a dozen eggs to make deviled eggs to take to Julie & Jim's 4th party this afternoon.

Last night I made a test block for that turned out really nice. I'm very tardy in making this one and I'm sure if I didn't have this blog that Marcia would think I wasn't around anymore. Can't show a picture of the block yet, as it hasn't been posted to the website.
I also finished putting the borders on this quilt top. I would say that I've once again used a good amount of stash this week.(and the week is not over yet!)

Have a great day and remember....if you go to a pool party, like I am, be sure to take something to stitch while you watch all the youngsters in the pool.

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Judy said...

I picked a few blackberries yesterday but I think the deer are getting to them before I do. Your little baby quilt is so cute and I know it will be much appreciated. I'm sure Marcia will be real happy to see that you're still alive and well! :)