Thursday, July 10, 2008

What a Great Place to Work!

The day after the flooded building we were each given one of these mugs.

the National Group is "going green" and we are working towards FSC Certification. There will no longer be styrofoam cups in the break room for coffee. Instead we all have our very own mugs. Very nice ones at that! And they came filled with lots of goodies.

Tomorrow is Free Lunch Friday, something he does for us during the really busy times in the summer. I believe it's Jimmy John's day.

Thanks Leo!


Andee said...

Awesome that work is going green...I too am making efforts towards that at my house! (Cloth napkins and a laundry drying rack for starters) Way to go!

Karen (Misiz C) said...

My DH is the production manager for a small print shop that recently got their FSC Certification. I'm hopeful more shops follow the lead.

I know my green thinking mindset is changing around the home and in my studio. I offer my LA customers a credit on their next quilt when they bring it to me in the zippered bag I sent a finished quilt home in.