Friday, July 25, 2008


Here's another one done with Popcorn.
This is the second tessellation quilt that Marty made. I used the Popcorn pantograph, PermaCore White thread and Soft n Crafty Poly batting.

After I finished, I sewed on the binding of the Watermelon hearts and then started the hand stitching while watching a new TV program, "Fear Itself" What a strange show that was, but I watched the entire hour. It reminded me of the movie The Stepford Wives.

This past past week we participated in the Nielson Ratings Survey. We have a booklet by each TV and must log who, what and when we watch. The TV in our bedroom is only on for 15-30 minutes in the morning so we can catch up on the news of the day. The one in the spare bedroom hasn't been used this week. The set in the quilting studio has been on some each day, usually either local news, the Food Network Challenge, or HGTV. The one in the living room is on in the evenings, tuned to the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, AMC, TLC or primetime on one of the 3 major networks. The TV in my sewing room has only been on to watch videotaped episodes of Dr. Phil. I tape him during the week and then have a DR. Phil marathon on the weekend, while sewing.
I think they will discover that we are pretty boring TV watchers.

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