Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pumpkin Swap

The Pumpkin swap top is assembled and I only changed my mind about the border, oh, about 5 times. I settled on the points facing the center, thanks to all your comments and emails. I really appreciate the comments to my blog, especially when I can't make a decision.

These pumpkin blocks were part of a block swap coordinated by Pumpkin Patch Primitives from last year, well, it was supposed to be from last year, anyway. The blocks were due by October 31 and I think they were finally sent back to us in February. They turned out to be very nice blocks and I am excited to have it finally put together. Several of my friends had their completed pumpkin quilts at the retreat and it was fun to see how differently we all chose to assemble them.

The border looks really dark in the big photo, so here is a closeup. It's a fall looking homespun.


JudyL said...

I like the borders. In fact, I like the whole quilt! :)

Lori said...

All ready for Fall! Gorgeous as Usual !

carol said...

Your pumpkin quilt looks great! Haven't even thought what to do with mine yet.


Mar said...

I can't believe I missed this! Love that sawtooth. Is it quilted yet?